Ovrture Announces Partnership with Blackbaud

It is with great pleasure that we announce Ovrture's official partnership with Blackbaud.

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General Updates

Ovrture Announces Partnership with Blackbaud

We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Blackbaud, a leading provider of nonprofit technology solutions.

Ovrture Filters and Tags Improve Efficiency

In today’s increasingly digital world, keeping up with tons of data can feel like herding cats. But fear not! Ovrture is here to help with some enhanced and...

Driving Success in the Digital Era: How Ovrture Empowers Development Teams

Step into a time machine and travel back to the early 2000s. Fundraising was a whole different ballgame. Snail mail was the preferred mode of receiving...

“The New Ovrture” is Live!

We have spent more than a year rebuilding Ovrture from the ground up. We undertook this massive challenge in order to provide greater value based on your insightful...

Jun 09, 2022

The Great Reboot | Major Donors Communications

We aspire to meet the changing landscape of major fundraising campaigns and the communications that support them… and we believe we are succeeding.

Mar 02, 2022

Ovrture: A Major Donor Communications Platform

As an enterprise software platform built for the digital advancement office, Ovrture helps philanthropic teams proceed with economy, clarity, and dynamism in cultivating and stewarding major donors.

Apr 23, 2021

Ovrture is a CSA Trusted Cloud Provider

We're very happy to announce Ovrture has qualified for CSA's (Cloud Security Alliance) new Trusted Cloud Provider program!

Sep 17, 2020

Tailored Pricing for Ovrture: Find the Right Fit with A+B+C+D

As Ovrture continues to grow and mature we look back with pride on the progress our platform has made in terms of technology, functionality, client list, workflows, etc.

May 19, 2020

On Selling & Using Ovrture

About two years ago, we asked ourselves, how can we better illustrate the power of the platform? We’ve been talking the talk but shouldn’t we also be walking the walk?

Mar 20, 2020

Practical Advice As We Weather the Storm

During these times of distancing ourselves physically, we are here to offer tips on how to best utilize Ovrture.

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