Managing Partner & President


Chris leads the Ovrture team in building, maintaining, and enhancing the platform. He also works directly with clients to build systems, drive adoption, and conceive of new use cases. Believing that the application of new thinking is what drives the world forward, Chris takes great pride in bringing a far more efficient and modern approach to the “digital advancement office.”

BA from the United States Naval Academy, MS in information systems from the Naval Postgraduate School




Jon works with clients across the country to deploy our technology, while also providing feedback to the development team to ensure that we are responding quickly to our emerging market. He believes that cutting-edge technology and the timeless stories of the impact of philanthropy make a powerful combination.

BS in systems engineering and a BS in mechanical engineering from the US Naval Academy, MBA from the University of Utah




Larry founded Snavely Associates in 1982 and has brought his considerable experience in fundraising communications to bear as we push the bounds of a digital-first future. As Larry looks back at the amazing number of great projects and important causes we’ve had the privilege to serve over the past 35 years, he is both very grateful and very proud. There are worse gigs than finding innovative ways to help people come together for better education, better health care, and a better world.

BS in government from Beloit College


Account Executive, Business Development


Cory helps inspire clients to challenge the status quo in how they communicate with key donors and prospects. As a former fundraiser, she believes in the power of donor-centric philanthropy to bring big change to organizations and that exploring and having daily adventures is essential. Cory was previously the director of annual giving at the University of Denver during the university’s nearly $500 million campaign.

BS in marketing from Lake Superior State University, MBA from the University of Denver


Director, Business Operations


Marcy works with the entire Ovrture team managing the business office. Among the many operational hats she gracefully wears, Marcy is responsible for the accounting and human resources functions for the firm. She is inspired by the many talents and diversity of her teammates and believes that honesty, hard work, and doing what you love define success.

Marcy has decades of experience working in both corporate and nonprofit organizations including the USDA Food & Nutrition Service, Coopers and Lybrand, MCI Telecommunications, and the YMCA. She is a strong supporter of philanthropy and has served as the firm’s United Way Pacesetter coordinator for the past 15 years and volunteer and secretary for the State College Area YMCA’s capital campaign.


Director, Account Leadership


Maria guides clients through the entire Ovrture process, from design and production all the way through to content population, hands-on training, and support. She believes a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind and that a deep breath can go a long way. In her previous role, Maria worked as an account manager at an advertising agency in New York City on accounts such as Avon and IBM.

BA in advertising from Penn State University


Account Executive, Client Engagement


Gideon helps clients with whatever is needed to make using Ovrture second nature. He leads the onboarding process to successfully launch new systems
and engages with existing clients/tenants to drive adoption. Gideon believes that having a positive attitude and going the extra mile are some of the most important qualities someone can have in their professional and personal life. Before joining the Ovrture team, he worked as a sales executive in Chicago focusing on media and advertising.

BA from the University of Arizona


Director, Creative


Debbie oversees all things creative and ensures that each client’s system is an extension of their brand. Her expertise, both on the creative side and the management side, is essential in bringing great design and usability to each project. Debbie believes that truly understanding your audience is the only way to craft communications that touch the heart and make a strong case for giving.

BFA in fine arts and communication design from Southern Illinois University


Director, Design & Production


Adam works to ensure that our creative solutions, from concept to execution, are unexpected, on brand, and on message. He believes in the power of negative space and that less is more (unless we’re talking about Cool Ranch Doritos). Adam has been the lead designer on countless multi-million dollar and award winning campaigns for hospitals and universities across the United States and Canada.

BS in graphic design from Philadelphia University




Andrew creates engaging and on-brand design solutions to help clients connect with their audience. He’s worked on everything from Ovrture’s user experience and interface to dozens of client systems. He believes that design thinking can change the world.

BA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin–Parkside




Isaac is the design team’s jack of all trades. From print production to animated video graphics, if it came from our shop, chances are that Isaac had a hand in it. He believes that nothing should go to waste, including his bicycle, which he rides every day to and from work.

BS in fine arts with a design emphasis from the University of Utah


Technology Partner


Working closely and daily with the Ovrture team, Floodlight Digital serves as the primary application code developers. Floodlight Digital’s responsibilities include the development of enhancements, client system onboardings, and general application maintenance.


Technology Partner


With deep roots in higher education, West Arete serves as Ovrture’s DevOps team, managing the platform’s security and cloud-based infrastructure. Based on a strong foundation of engineering, craftsmanship, and process, West Arete plays a critical role in the successful and secure launch of client systems onto Ovrture’s production servers.


Technology Partner


Serving as a third party security assessor, Redpoint Security regularly reviews and reports upon Ovrture’s production environments and application code vulnerabilities. Redpoint also serves as a key consultant to the entire platform team as it develops new application features and ever-refines its security posture.

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