2022 Client Survey


With the aim of delivering even greater client value we asked our 50+ clients some simple questions... they provided us with some powerful answers. Read More

2022 Client Survey2022-09-15T11:17:02-04:00

How to Strategize for Digital Reports


So you’ve decided to go digital. It’s a big change - not just for your stewardship reports, but for your entire organization. How do you navigate the various reporting products you could choose to help you with this transformation? Read More

How to Strategize for Digital Reports2022-09-12T18:10:50-04:00

Making the Case for Major Donor Communications Software


Ready to introduce the Ovrture concept to your internal leaders? The following is a hypothetical conversation between the primary buyer of Ovrture (typically a communications and/or donor relations team) and an organizational leader who needs to understand the business case. Read More

Making the Case for Major Donor Communications Software2022-09-08T10:27:40-04:00

Ovrture’s Origin Story


Taking a new direction is hard, especially if you work at a large, decentralized organization like many of our clients. So why do some shops more readily change their direction while others choose not to take the leap? Read More

Ovrture’s Origin Story2022-09-15T12:45:13-04:00
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