November 7, 2022

Onboarding new enterprise software requires being thoughtful about building your launch team. Successfully building and launching a major donor communications platform, like Ovrture, is no different. Your team is already busy stewarding donors, cultivating relationships, and soliciting gifts, though. 

How do you thoughtfully balance the need to build new, technology-driven capacities with your team’s existing time constraints?

Through intentional and mindful planning, we believe you can accomplish this with minimal impact to your existing team. By identifying which members of your team will contribute to the process ahead of time, your version of Ovrture will be an integral part of your advancement office in no time. 

Our experience shows us that most new clients do not need to hire additional staff in order to successfully onboard the platform. 

To help you with planning, the table below provides an overview of the staffing and resources needed to launch an Ovrture system. The staff, time estimates, and activities outlined are based on the average time needed by clients using Ovrture’s standard 12-week launch timeline.

Enterprise Software Level of Effort

Staff Member Role

Level of Effort

Project Coordinator 10-20 hours over the course of 12 weeks Act at the central connector between your organization and the Ovrture team, coordinating meetings and project needs throughout the launch process
Branding Expert 3-7 hours over the course of 2-4 weeks Provide access to branding materials and guidelines; review designs
IT/Technical Expert 3-7 hours over the course of 1-2 weeks Determine and set URL construct; whitelist email domain; create system admin email alias; provide SSL certificate; execute DNS record; configure single sign on
Reporting Expert 3-7 hours over the course of 2-4 weeks Understand and complete reporting questionnaire; review designs

Please note that the table
above does not include the effort needed to train users, populate content and upload data after a system is launched. 

For more specific estimates based on your organization’s unique advancement communications software needs and what may be required for building your launch team, please reach out. We’d be happy to chat about your unique needs.

Gideon Rosen

Gideon Rosen, Account Supervisor, Client Engagement

Gideon helps clients with whatever is needed to make using Ovrture second nature. He leads the onboarding process to successfully launch new systems and engages with existing clients/tenants to drive adoption.

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