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How Our Licensing Works

All new clients pay a standard one-time onboarding fee, then your organization's yearly license fee is determined by five factors:


Duration of License

We can offer the most significant discounts when our development costs are spread over multiple years. Choose from 1-, 3-, or 5-year license durations, based on your organization's goals.


Internal Users

Our lowest user level is 5, and some clients have more than 100 users. Choose what works for you now and know you can expand your user base as your use of Ovrture grows.


Cultivation Sites

There is no limit to the number of cultivation sites you can build for your prospects and donors.


Stewardship Reports

The volume of donor-specific stewardship reports you send annually factors into your pricing so you’re only paying for what you need.


Brands Based on Your Needs

Whether you have a simple or complex branding structure, we’ve got you covered with options for “sub-brands” and “co-brands”.

Sub-Brand vs. Co-Brand

What is a

Enhance your platform’s identity without extra cost during setup. Minor changes to logos and contact info let you maintain a distinct presence for colleges, schools, units, or institutes.

What is a

Reimagine the entire system’s appearance for a distinct part of your organization or a distinct moment like a campaign. Co-brands require a design and development fee during the onboarding phase, and yearly maintenance is included in your license fee.