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University of the Pacific Wins CASE Circle of Excellence Gold

We are very excited to announce that our partners and friends at University of the Pacific have been awarded a CASE Circle of Excellence Award! This Gold Award within the category of Donor Relations is a well earned honor and a result of their work in revolutionizing their approach to stewardship reporting. Through the use of Ovrture, they were able to offer each donor their own personalized endowment website.

From the Judges’ Report:

The University of the Pacific received a $125 million endowment gift in 2013, of which more than $90 million established a match program for which donors who invest $50K or more get a 1-to-1 match. In its first 162 years, Pacific had 886 individual endowments, and in four years the match has motivated 162 more to be funded. With $70 million still to be matched, the University of the Pacific faced a massive increase in annual reporting. With Snavely Associates’ Ovrture product, Pacific revolutionized its approach and are offering each donor their own endowment website, complete with video, impact and financial data. The University of the Pacific now has website activity data to focus their efforts.

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