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February 22, 2021

NYT: Raising Money for a Nonprofit? Try a Personalized Approach

This article in the New York Times is speaking our language! The days of monolithic, one-sizes-fits all communication to major donors and prospects is over. We are thrilled to be among the firms and technologies enabling far deeper engagement by shifting the focus from high production values to high personalization values. We seek to serve as a conduit for human-to-human fundraising, not a replacement — fusing asking with thanking and allowing you to get to the heart of what your donors really care about.

We found the article inspiring and hope you do too. Check out this TL;DR Summary if you’re crunched for time:

  • Major donors prefer more personalized pitches. Instead of leading with a pitch on your org’s greatness, get to know the donor’s story and ask specific questions.
  • Self-made givers are motivated by their desire to solve a problem and make an impact; not by public recognition and fancy galas.
  • Make your solicitation as human as possible; “It shouldn’t be about putting someone on a pedestal.”
  • More than a transaction, “It’s about building a partnership based on a relationship. People used to be OK with just giving money and being done with it, but that isn’t the case anymore.”
  • Donors are looking for ways to measure the impact of their gifts. High-impact, quick-need funding opportunities could be appealing to donors who want to see the immediate impact of their giving.

Chris Snavely, Managing Partner

Chris leads the Ovrture team in building, maintaining, and enhancing the platform. He also works directly with clients to build systems, drive adoption, and conceive of new use cases. Believing that the application of new thinking is what drives the world forward, Chris takes great pride in bringing a far more efficient and modern approach to the “digital advancement office.”

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