Introduction to Ovrture

Share tailored cultivation and stewardship microsites with your organization’s most essential prospects and donors.



We're happy to welcome Earthjustice to the Ovrture platform! We're looking forward to a great partnership ahead!


Montana Tech

We're happy to welcome Montana Tech to the Ovrture platform! We're looking forward to working with you!


Oglebay Foundation

We're excited to welcome the Oglebay Foundation to the Ovrture platform! We're looking forward to a great partnership ahead!



As Ovrture continues to grow and mature we look back with pride on the progress our platform has made in terms of technology, functionality, client list, workflows, etc. Read More


On Selling & Using Ovrture

About two years ago, we asked ourselves, how can we better illustrate the power of the platform? We’ve been talking the talk but shouldn’t we also be walking the walk? Read More


Analytics is LIVE!

We are excited to announce we have deployed embedded analytics within the heart of our platform. We hope you enjoy the sneak peek of this game-changing enhancement. We'd be happy to show off all the bells and whistles in a more detailed demo!


Peddie School

We are proud to announce Peddie School has joined the ranks of Ovrture clients.


Ovrture at Work: Event Follow-Ups

This post is presented in partnership with our clients at Pen Bay Medical Center who are using Ovrture as an engaging and impactful way to follow up with their prospects and donors following campaign events. Read More


3 Lessons Learned, 3 Years In

Ovrture is changing the way teams work, the way development officers communicate with prospective major donors, and the way stewardship teams thank those donors. And as we look back at the last three years, three lessons stand out in our minds... Read More


Where’s the Magic?

In this post, our founder reflects on the journey from the black and white world of his childhood to what we are building today… a  digital platform to help frontline fundraisers engage major prospects and donors though highly tailored and personalized communications. Read More


It is Time to Rethink Major Donor Communications

Canadian writer and motivational speaker Robin Sharma noted, “The real trick in life is to turn hindsight into foresight that reveals insight.” Drawing upon more than 35 years of experience of providing communications counsel and support to our noble fundraising clients in education, health care, and the arts, we have an abundance of hindsight. Read More


Asking is the Answer

We bring our experience, talents, and motivation to the philanthropic efforts and goals that will change lives, brighten futures, and make a lasting difference in our world.

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