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Introduction to Ovrture

Share tailored cultivation and stewardship microsites with your organization’s most essential prospects and donors.


Where’s the Magic?

In this post, our founder reflects on the journey from the black and white world of his childhood to what we are building today… a  digital platform to help frontline fundraisers engage major prospects and donors though highly tailored and personalized communications. Read More


It is Time to Rethink Major Donor Communications

Canadian writer and motivational speaker Robin Sharma noted, “The real trick in life is to turn hindsight into foresight that reveals insight.” Drawing upon more than 35 years of experience of providing communications counsel and support to our noble fundraising clients in education, health care, and the arts, we have an abundance of hindsight. Read More


Tulane University

We are proud to announce Tulane University has joined the ranks of Ovrture clients.


Asking is the Answer

We bring our experience, talents, and motivation to the philanthropic efforts and goals that will change lives, brighten futures, and make a lasting difference in our world.

We would welcome the chance to demonstrate the platform to
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