Ovrture is a digital platform built for the top of the gift pyramid. You can create tailored cultivation sites for sharing key information (proposals, gift agreements, personal videos, specific fundraising priorities) with prospects. Ovrture also has a robust stewardship reporting feature for building impact reports for existing donors.

Ovrture uses Excel imports and exports to share information to and from your CRM. We’re currently working on a Salesforce App Exchange connector that will streamline this process even further.

Users have access to highly textured data about their donor’s engagement with their site or report. You can also set up alerts to be notified when a donor logs in so you can appropriately follow up. All of this information gets aggregated to the system level for easy export to your CRM to have a running log of what was shared with a donor and when.

Yes! On the cultivation side of the platform you can print specific content panels to have a custom PDF leave-behind document. Stewardship reports can be printed for one or all funds included in a donor’s report. The donor can also print the report on their own, or you can do it on their behalf.

Your adoption of our technology is mission critical for our team. To this end, we will hold your hand as much as needed. During onboarding, we’ll provide formal training for all members of your team to ensure you can confidently navigate the platform. After you’re up and running, you can take advantage of our weekly trainings for administrators and users, or set up a 1:1 training with your client engagement account leader.

Depending on the level of personalization needed, sites can be built in as little as five minutes. If you need a totally custom approach for a high-value donor, it will take longer. Reports can be built at scale and hundreds at a time.

Typically, the primary users of Ovrture include gift officers, communicators, donor relations teams, and advancement services teams. Ovrture is built for the digital advancement office, so just about everyone has a seat at the table.

We’ve found that communicators make a natural lead for the Ovrture system. We do strongly recommend building an onboarding team with folks from the fundraising team, donor relations, communicators/designers, and advancement services/IT.

Not to be sassy, but we can move as fast as you can move. On average, we can launch a system in about 12 weeks.

Each client instance of Ovrture is custom designed for your brand and personality. We want your platform to be a natural extension of your print and digital assets. Our team will lead the design process after receiving your brand standards and guidelines. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to provide detailed feedback during every step of the design process.

Ovrture’s Software-as-a-Service licensing fees are determined by each organization’s specific scale and requirements. Learn more about pricing here.

We would welcome the chance to demonstrate the platform to
your team and to work with you to build a proposal that
addresses your organization’s specific needs.