September 15, 2022

With the aim of delivering even greater client value we asked our 50+ clients some simple questions… they provided us with some powerful answers on why they chose Ovrture for major donor communications.

Why were you looking for Major Donor Communications Software? 

73% – A desire to digitize the advancement office

68% – A desire for increased personalization in routine donor relationship-building

46% – We were looking to solve the burden of donor stewardship reporting

37% – Increased demands/requirements associated with a fundraising campaign

Why did you ultimately choose Ovrture for major donor communications software? 

55% – Unlimited client engagement/support

50% – Unique product features

46% – Bespoke branding/design

46% – Scalability

13% – The connection between donor cultivation and stewardship

13% – Accessible pricing

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = To a small degree; 5 = To a great degree), what have you achieved through Ovrture? 

3.5 – Improved number or quality of donor engagement touches (whether measured or anecdotal)

3.3 – Time Savings

2.7 – Cost Savings

2.3 – Increase in financial contributions

2.0 – Increased gift officer productivity

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Gideon Rosen

Gideon Rosen, Account Supervisor, Client Engagement

Gideon helps clients with whatever is needed to make using Ovrture second nature. He leads the onboarding process to successfully launch new systems and engages with existing clients/tenants to drive adoption.

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